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sentimental geek

shut up and go to sleep

dwight, you ignorant slut.
20 April
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which guy? THIS GUY.

kassie. twentysomething. career college student.

i got my first livejournal when i was sixteen, then abandoned it a few years ago for tumblr and twitter. now i'm trying to get back in the game. i talk a lot about my neuroses, school, fandom, and feminism. coffee and marijuana are two of my biggest vices, and i'm in a pretty committed relationship with diet coke. some likes include fellow nerds, random acts of kindness, beer, and the history channel. occasionally my fangirling spills all over the internet. hello.

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harry potter, buffy the vampire slayer, bandom, inception, parks and recreation, doctor who, firefly, battlestar galatica, misfits, sherlock, star trek, the office.